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Hit your target audience with high-end images of your product
3D furniture visualization
Showcase various points of view
Display your product from different angles to help a customer observe the furniture in all its glory.
Demonstrate the quality of fabrics
and seams in detail
The impeccable quality of small furniture details, applied textures and materials emphasize all the benefits of the product online and encourage a buyer to make a purchase.
Why Use CGI Anyway?
Computer generated imagery allows you to save plenty of time for getting your furniture catalog and website portfolio ready. It usually takes about 1-3 days to create a model of the product and render smashing furniture pictures.
The investment in CGI reduces your expenses dramatically. You can use pre-made 3D furniture models for the future catalog updates and marketing materials, both printed and online ones.
Saving time
Cutting the budget
Change textures, materials, color and shape of furniture 3D models as many times as you want. Display furniture pieces in a myriad of scenes and locations.
No need to produce a physical model of the furniture to create its 3D prototype. Just send us a sketch or photo of the furniture piece and let us do the rest!
Simplicity of cooperation
We create 3D renders of any size and dimension for any screen resolution and different marketing purposes, including social media, website portfolio, printed and digital catalogs, printable ads etc.
The All-purpose Solution
Customers are willing to discover how the furniture will look in their space. In the past, they had to rely on their imagination, which is largely limited in capability. Fortunately, the CGI technology has resolved this problem with the advent of 3D visualization. If any manufacturer wants to stay competitive on the market, they have to keep up with the times of digital privilege.
It's a market trend
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